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For all your Cosmetic Needs - Medipod Aesthetics is a Medically Led Aesthetics Clinic

Professional Facial

Procedures performed by highly trained practitioners to reverse the effects on ageing on your skin with focus on your face

Botox Treatment

We perform a range of filler treatments. Our commonest ones are the Cheeks and Lips fillers. We also do Non surgical Rhinoplasty, Jawline fillers, Nasolabial fillers and in suitable patients full facial sculpting.

Facial Wrinkle treatments especially of the forehead, frown lines and crowsfeet are the most commonly performed procedures.


We will go through with you the treatment options available and what best suits your needs during the consultation

Man Getting Botox

We will help you understand the basics and foundation of how your skin changes over time. How we can treat it now and how to prevent it from getting worse in the future. 

Putting back your skincare in your hands

Expectations of what treatments you need are set by what you hear from people who have had treatments and from the media. 

We will go through what exactly your needs are and give our professional opinion if its right for you or not

Doctor's Clinic
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